Review writing decimals in written form, and try some practice problems.

Written form

Written form is a way to write numbers using only words.


Let's write 3.405\blueD3.\purpleD40\maroonD5 in written form.
3.405=3 ones+405 thousandths3.405=\blueD{3}\text{ ones}+\,\purpleD{4}{0}\maroonD5\text{ thousandths}
First, we will read the number to left of the decimal.
Then, we read the decimal as "and\text{\goldD{and}}".
Three and\blueD{\text{Three}} \goldD{\text{ and}}
Finally, we read the numbers right of the decimal and state the place value of the digit farthest to the right.
Three and\blueD{\text{Three}}\goldD{\text{ and}}   hundred  thousandthsfourfive\text{ \purpleD{four} hundred \maroonD{five} thousandths}
3.4053.405 in written form is three and four hundred five thousandths.
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