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Үндсэн товъёог
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Зурган диаграмыг тайлбарлах: өнгө-будаг

Video transcript

- [Voiceover] Jacob charges $9.00 an hour to paint. The graph below shows the number of hours he spent painting different rooms of one house. How much did Jacob charge for painting the living room? So here's the graph, this is a picture graph, or pictograph, and it shows us how much time Jacob spent painting different rooms of a house. One super important thing is this little key right here that tells us each of these paint buckets is three hours of time. We're asked about the living room. On the graph, we can find where it says living room and see how many buckets. Remember, each of these buckets equals three hours of time. He spent three hours, plus another three hours, so he spent a total of six hours painting the living room. But the question asks us, how much did Jacob charge. Jacob charges $9.00 for every hour, and he worked for six hours, so he charged $9.00 six times. $9.00 for each of the six hours he worked, which is a total of $54.00. Jacob charged a total of $54.00 to paint the living room.