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Video transcript

let's figure out what 2.2 1 1 / 6.7 is so the first thing I like to do is I don't like to divide by a decimal so I'm going to multiply 6 point 7 I'm going to multiply 6 point 7 by 10 which is essentially just taking this decimal space this is decimal and moving it one space to the right well I can't just do that to the six point seven I also have to do that to the two point two one so let me move its decimal one space to the right and so now I can rewrite the problem I can rewrite it as 22 22 point 22 point 1 1 / / instead of writing it as 6 point 7 I can now write it as 67 67 let me do it in that same color I can now write it as 67 now I could write a decimal right over here but that's not going to change the fact that this is just now the whole number 67 and so now I'm ready to do some long division now that I'm dividing by a whole number you might say wait I still have a decimal over here but that's okay and you're going to see that in a second so let's try to do some long division so we're going to take we're going to take 22 22 point 1 1 or 22 and 11 hundredths and we are going to divide it let me write that a little bit bigger just so we have some space 22 point 1 1 and we are going to divide that by we are going to divide that by 67 67 all right let's do some long division now and actually before we even do that I like to keep track of my decimal so my decimal is over here I'm going to write my decimal right over here in the answer and when you're doing these long division problems is really important to write things neatly and and keep things in nice columns and keep track of your place value because if you don't write things in neat columns and frankly you'll probably lose track of your place value but let's do this so 67 goes into 2 zero times so let's move on 67 goes into 22 0 times 60 seven goes into 221 so let's think about that a little bit this is pretty close to 70 seventy times three would be two hundred and ten so this looks like maybe three times three times seems about right so let's try let's put a 3 up here 3 times 7 is 21 carry the 2 3 times 6 is 18 plus 2 is 20 is 20 so we get 201 and the difference between 221 and 201 is going to be well you just get a 0 here you get a 2 here then you get a 0 here I don't have to write it it's 20 so 3 was right if if 3 times 67 were higher than 221 then we'd be in trouble and then if 3 if 3 times 67 were lower but it was so low that though that when you subtracted you got a number higher than 67 then that means you could have thrown in more 67 s in there but this number is just right it's lower but our remainder is less than is less than a 67 so let's keep going so now we can bring down we can bring down the 1 and we see 67 goes in to 201 well we just figure that out 67 goes in to 201 3 times 3 times 3 times 7 is 1 carry the 2 got to make sure we don't well if we're doing the same problem as we did before but it's good to not have the the previous 2 there sometimes you like you might want to erase it you have 3 times 6 is 18 plus 2 is 20 and now you subtract and we are done because we have no remainder and there's nothing there's nothing here left to bring down and so 22 point 1 1 divided by 67 is and we could throw a 0 here just for good measure its 0.33 0.33 this is equal to 0.33 or this is equal to 0.33 and we're done