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Video transcript

whereas to move the orange dot to the number that equals five times one-third all right so one way to think about it we just have to move one third five times so that's going so let's do it once so that's going to be one third you do it twice you get to two thirds you do it three times you get to three thirds four times you get to four thirds five times you get to five thirds five times one third it's going to be five thirds or you could say five one thirds which is the same thing as five thirds hopefully that makes some sense let's let's do some more examples here so let's say we need to figure out so let's say it says move the orange dot to the number that equals two times 4/3 all right so one times 4/3 is one times 4/3 is just going to get us to 4/3 and then if we have another 4/3 we're going to add 4/3 to that so we're going to move another 4/3 to the right so 4/3 plus 4/3 would get us to 8/3 8/3 I'm having trouble moving this 8/3 so one times 4/3 is just 4/3 and then two times 4/3 is 8/3 and notice that's the same thing as 2 times 4 which is 8 over 3 8/3 let's do one more of these so move the orange dot to the number that equals three times three halves so this is going to be zero zero halves that's just zero so that's zero you could view that as zero times three halves one times three halves well that will just get us to three halfs 2 times 3 halves will add another three halves so that'll get us to six halves and then three times three halves will add another three halves that gets us to nine has and we're done