Review equivalent fractions with fraction models and number lines, and try some practice problems.

Equivalent fractions

Fractions are equivalent if they are equal or represent the same amount.

Fraction model

Let's look at an example.
First, we can draw 12\dfrac12.
Now, let's divide the same whole into eighths.
How can we shade the whole to show a fraction that is equivalent to 12\dfrac12?
We shaded 44 of the 88 sections.
So, 12=48\dfrac12=\dfrac48.

Number line

Let's visualize another equivalent fraction using a number line.
Numbers are equivalent when they are located at the same point on the number line.
First, we can show 35\dfrac35 on a number line:

Now, let's divide our number line into tenths and see what fraction is located at the same point as 35\dfrac35.
610\dfrac6{10} and 35\dfrac35 are located at the same point on the number line.
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