Сөрөг тоо гэж юу болох, тэдгээрийг тоон шулуун дээр хэрхэн дүрслэх талаар суралцацгаая.
Here's a number line that should look very familiar. It starts at 00, then counts up by 11 from there:
We know that if we were to keep going to the right, we would have 1111, then 1212, and so on.
What happens if we keep going to the left of 00 though? We get negative numbers! To the left of 00 is 1-1, then 2-2, then 3-3, and so on:

Let's practice!

Why do we need negative numbers?

Negative numbers help us describe values less than zero.


When the temperature is 88^\circ below 00^\circ, it is less than 00. We can say the temperature is 8-8^\circ.

A few more negative situations

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